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Suggest a 2018 TEDxMilton Theme to Win!

We’re really excited this year to be kicking off organizing our 2018 TEDxMilton event by asking our community for input on our event theme. You have until midnight on April 30, 2018 to submit your theme suggestions — and if we pick yours, you’ll get two tickets to the 2018 event.


It’s important to note the difference between a TEDx theme and a topic or subject. Each TEDx talk is about an “Idea Worth Spreading” on one specific topic or area of expertise. A theme, if a TEDx event chooses to have one, is a concept broad enough to apply to a wide variety of topics and speakers from diverse backgrounds.


What is a TEDx Theme?

According to TED, a theme should be broad enough to leave room for a wide range of topics and speakers. It’s like a title or tagline for the event.

A theme is not a topic or single subject like, “sustainability,” “medicine,” or “happiness,” but should be broad and overarching.

Examples of different themes that were used by other TED and TEDx events:

You want to choose a theme that can be interpreted loosely, so that you can be as diverse with your talks and speakers as possible. For example, the theme titled, “The Substance of Things Not Seen,” included the following speakers and topics:

An astrophysicist explaining the existence of black holes, even though we cannot see them